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Magazine Design and the Beauty of White Space

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If you’re an editor who loves a thorough, well-written piece, the whole idea of leaving white space in a layout — space that could be filled with more words — might not make much sense. The idea behind white space, however, isn’t to take away from your content. Quite to the contrary, white space and other important design elements should work together to create a synergy with the editorial that enables your stories to come alive and hit home with readers. If you’re trying to cram every nook and cranny in the design with something, you may need to step back and evaluate whether all that content really is adding to or detracting from the reading experience.

Magazine Publishing for Nonprofit Organizations: Engagement is Everything

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While direct mail donation solicitations may form the backbone of many nonprofits’ fundraising efforts, are they enough to meet your organization’s financial needs, and could there be a better vehicle for moving your supporters to give? Many nonprofits are now turning to publishing a regular magazine to help them connect and stay engaged with stakeholders.

Glossary of Magazine Design Jargon, Terms and Definitions for New Publishers

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Here at Picante, we work on designing and producing magazine issues just about every single day. It occurred to me recently that, as part of our workflow, we rely on a lot of graphic design terminology that might come across as confusing jargon to new publishers — so I decided to put together a glossary of terms and definitions that hopefully will prevent some of that confusion.

How to Create the Right Magazine Design for Your Niche Audience

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Here at Picante we've created magazine designs across a wide variety of subject matter over the years. And when it comes to developing designs for such a broad range of topics, we've found that a few general guidelines apply to all of them — and to laying the groundwork for success with any publication.

How to Get Printing Bids for Your Magazine Design Project

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if you're a publisher of any kind, from magazines to annual reports to catalogs and beyond, you'll likely have to make yourself familiar and comfortable with the printing process and educate yourself on how to plan for and request print bids. This post will help walk you through this aspect of the publishing business.

Magazine Design and the Importance of High-Quality Photography

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Few aspects of a magazine, except perhaps the overall quality of the design itself, can drastically impact the reader experience — positively or negatively — quite like the quality of photography used in an issue. At its best, photography can act in a kind of synergy with the magazine's layout elements, lending a sense of artfulness and professionalism to an otherwise-solid design sensibility. And at its worst, low-quality shots can undermine all the hard work the magazine designer has put into his or her creation. This article is intended primarily for new magazine publishers who need some help getting their photography up to snuff.

6 Steps to Follow When Publishing a Custom Magazine

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Came across a great Business 2 Community article today for new publishers looking to put together a custom magazine design — includes tips on getting your content organized, creating your dynamite content (which is absolutely essential in today's competitive magazine marketplace), and working with your magazine designer.

Are iPad Magazines Finally Starting to Connect with Readers?

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The emergence of digital magazines into the tablet medium has been pretty rough going thus far, considering publishers' testy reception to Apple's 30 percent commission and somewhat heavy-handed information-sharing policies, and in light of the struggles of content producers to create affordable, user-friendly tablet editions of their print magazine designs. Watching the development of a new media format in its infancy has been fascinating, as all parties involved try to take advantage of new opportunities and cash in on the millions of tech-savvy, gadget-loving users on the leading edge of tech.

Are Moshi’s Monster Numbers Pointing the Way to the Future of Print Magazine Publishing?

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Otherwise known as "brand magazines" and "customer magazines," a whole host of titles is being churned out these days by companies looking to capitalize on the trust, familiarity and loyalty they hold with their patrons. And the strategy is working.

Why the Magazine Publishing Industry Is at Its ‘Shawshank Redemption’ Moment

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Print publications face many of the same challenges the three major U.S. TV networks were forced to confront with the advent of cable. Way back when, cable TV rather suddenly began to splinter the traditional oligopoly on televised content into dozens (and now hundreds) of choices for viewers. Today, though, all media outlets — including magazines — are up against a staggering number of potential online sources of information, fun and distraction. That is the new reality, and there's no sense pining for a simpler time. The battle for eyeballs can be brutal, and to succeed magazines will have to adapt or surrender — like it or not.