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Magazine Design and the Beauty of White Space

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If you’re an editor who loves a thorough, well-written piece, the whole idea of leaving white space in a layout — space that could be filled with more words — might not make much sense. The idea behind white space, however, isn’t to take away from your content. Quite to the contrary, white space and other important design elements should work together to create a synergy with the editorial that enables your stories to come alive and hit home with readers. If you’re trying to cram every nook and cranny in the design with something, you may need to step back and evaluate whether all that content really is adding to or detracting from the reading experience.

Why the Magazine Publishing Industry Is at Its ‘Shawshank Redemption’ Moment

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Print publications face many of the same challenges the three major U.S. TV networks were forced to confront with the advent of cable. Way back when, cable TV rather suddenly began to splinter the traditional oligopoly on televised content into dozens (and now hundreds) of choices for viewers. Today, though, all media outlets — including magazines — are up against a staggering number of potential online sources of information, fun and distraction. That is the new reality, and there's no sense pining for a simpler time. The battle for eyeballs can be brutal, and to succeed magazines will have to adapt or surrender — like it or not.