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How to Choose the Right Paper Stock for Your Magazine

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If you're planning on publishing a print edition of your magazine and haven't yet gotten around to requesting printing bids, you'll likely soon find out that printing and mailing/distribution costs can make up a large portion of your operating expenses — so planning ahead and educating yourself on the printing process can make a world of difference both to your budget and in the final quality of the finished product. One factor that can have a major impact on your printing costs is the actual paper (often referred to as "paper stock" in the industry) on which your magazine will be printed.

Magazine Publishing Tip: The Prototype Issue ‘Soft Launch’

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So you have a great idea for a new magazine. You have some or all of the editorial copy ready to go for the first issue, but you don't have enough advertisers signed on to support publication costs. And, of course, you don't have the circulation numbers to help you market to prospective advertisers. In short, you've found yourself in a common conundrum faced by many new magazine publishers. So what to do?

Glossary of Magazine Design Jargon, Terms and Definitions for New Publishers

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Here at Picante, we work on designing and producing magazine issues just about every single day. It occurred to me recently that, as part of our workflow, we rely on a lot of graphic design terminology that might come across as confusing jargon to new publishers — so I decided to put together a glossary of terms and definitions that hopefully will prevent some of that confusion.

How to Get Printing Bids for Your Magazine Design Project

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if you're a publisher of any kind, from magazines to annual reports to catalogs and beyond, you'll likely have to make yourself familiar and comfortable with the printing process and educate yourself on how to plan for and request print bids. This post will help walk you through this aspect of the publishing business.

Magazine Publishing: Top 10 Printing Tips for New Publishers

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For magazine publishers looking to maximize their profitability, minimizing printing costs (without a significant drop in quality or reliability) is essential. At Picante, we've been dealing with printers for many, many years now, from small corner print shops to behemoth mega-printers and everything in between — so we wanted to share a few tips to help you avoid some common pitfalls while choosing a printer and getting your magazine ready for primetime.