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How to Create the Right Magazine Design for Your Niche Audience

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Here at Picante we've created magazine designs across a wide variety of subject matter over the years. And when it comes to developing designs for such a broad range of topics, we've found that a few general guidelines apply to all of them — and to laying the groundwork for success with any publication.

Magazine Design and the Importance of High-Quality Photography

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Few aspects of a magazine, except perhaps the overall quality of the design itself, can drastically impact the reader experience — positively or negatively — quite like the quality of photography used in an issue. At its best, photography can act in a kind of synergy with the magazine's layout elements, lending a sense of artfulness and professionalism to an otherwise-solid design sensibility. And at its worst, low-quality shots can undermine all the hard work the magazine designer has put into his or her creation. This article is intended primarily for new magazine publishers who need some help getting their photography up to snuff.