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Magazine Publishing Tip: The Prototype Issue ‘Soft Launch’

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So you have a great idea for a new magazine. You have some or all of the editorial copy ready to go for the first issue, but you don't have enough advertisers signed on to support publication costs. And, of course, you don't have the circulation numbers to help you market to prospective advertisers. In short, you've found yourself in a common conundrum faced by many new magazine publishers. So what to do?

Top 10 Media Kit Tips for Magazine Publishers

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For entrepreneurs new to magazine publishing, media kits are an indispensable marketing tool. But you may only have one chance to make an impression with any given ad buyer, so getting the design, feel and messaging of your media kit right is essential to hit the ground running with your marketing plan.

Are Moshi’s Monster Numbers Pointing the Way to the Future of Print Magazine Publishing?

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Otherwise known as "brand magazines" and "customer magazines," a whole host of titles is being churned out these days by companies looking to capitalize on the trust, familiarity and loyalty they hold with their patrons. And the strategy is working.