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The design process starts with a call to help us get a good feel for your audience, subject matter and design expectations — essentially, we talk with you to figure out what kind of design sensibility would be a good fit for your readers. Then we typically create two distinct design directions to allow for some flexibility in the design review process and explore some different design possibilities. Once you have narrowed down the final look to a single direction, we work with you to revise the final design until you’re completely satisfied and ready to move forward.

For magazines, annual reports and catalogs, we then expand upon the initial designs to produce the rest of the publication using your copy. If you would like us to copyedit or proofread your copy before publication, we can handle that, too.

Photos and illustrations can be supplied by you, or we can search through the vast supply of online stock imagery resources to find just the right shots to go along with your editorial content.

Once the revision process has been completed and the publication is ready for finalizing, we put the document through a meticulous 20-step prepress process, to ensure the files are as immaculate as possible prior to printing and/or digital distribution. When you’re ready, we output the final PDFs and deliver them electronically to the printer, according to their specifications.

Should any revisions be needed on press during the blueline process, we’ll handle those as well.

For a more detailed explanation of our magazine design process, be sure to take a look at our blog post “Magazine Publishing 101: A Crash Course for New Publishers.”

Of course! Has the time come for a refresh or total rethink of your publication’s design? We’d be happy to talk with you in depth to find out what’s working, what’s not, and where to take the design going forward. Our goal is to make your publication as appealing and readable as possible for your particular audience.

Yes! Picante specializes in ongoing magazine design and issue layout. Having produced hundreds of magazine issues for dozens of clients over the past 15 years, we know exactly what it takes to produce world-class publications on time and on budget. Beyond our versatile creative talents, we’re extremely attentive to detail and very adept at managing the many, many details that go into producing a gorgeous, flawless magazine.

Finding the right magazine designer for your needs as a publisher can make or break your operation. Beyond helping you carry out your creative vision for your magazine, more practical factors like responsiveness and reliability in meeting deadlines are every bit as important. If you haven’t had the chance yet, be sure to read our blog post “10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Magazine Designer” — it just may help you get your venture off on the right foot.

Many magazine publishers choose to produce a smaller prototype issue to use, together with a compelling media kit, to market to potential advertisers. A prototype is a great way to show advertisers just how dynamic your magazine will look and feel, without having to produce and print a full issue.

Regardless, bringing a magazine designer into your planning process early on is crucial — read more in our blog post “Magazine Publishing Resource: 6 Steps to Follow When Producing a Custom Magazine.”

And be sure to check out our “Top 10 Media Kit Tips for Magazine Publishers.”

As you’ll see in our magazine design portfolio, Picante has developed publications for a wide array of clients in a remarkably diverse range of design styles: women’s magazines, family lifestyle magazines, motorcycle-enthusiast magazines, professional trade journals, hip-hop magazines, bridal magazines, travel and tourism guides, auto magazines, hospital outreach magazines, nonprofit magazines, sports magazines, and more.

In fact, you might be surprised to find so many different looks in one portfolio. But whatever your design needs or subject matter may be, Picante can create the perfect look and feel to appeal to and captivate your readers.

For more on the huge role magazine design plays in the success (or lack thereof) of a publishing venture, check out our blog post “Magazine Design Quality: Where It All Starts.”

Yes! Many of our clients ask us to copyedit or proofread their copy prior to final publication. If you’re looking for a little help smoothing out your editorial, just let us know. See our magazine editing page to read more about our services.

While Picante isn’t a printer per se, we do maintain relationships with numerous printing firms across the country that can handle your publication printing and mailhouse needs. Printing costs can make up a very large portion of a publication’s production budget, so if you haven’t priced out your printing recently, we can put you in touch with printers we trust and rely on to deliver outstanding service and quality for our clients.

For more on how to get a handle on your printing — a major part of any print magazine project — read through our “Top 10 Printing Tips for New Publishers” and check out our blog post “How to Get Printing Bids for Your Magazine Design Project.”

Definitely. Using established firms such as issuu and nxtbook, Picante can help you get your publication ready for online distribution. We also specialize in creating customized, mobile-friendly WordPress websites.

If you haven’t had a chance to read through our magazine design blog, be sure to start there. We regularly post articles on magazine design and other publishing topics for publishers who may be newcomers to the business. If you have questions you don’t see answered there, feel free to call us at 1.877.296.3181. We’ll be more than happy to chat with you.

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