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Picante designs world-class magazines, annual reports, catalogs and media kits for publishers and organizations launching new publications or looking to streamline magazine issue layout and production for existing pubs.

You provide the prose (and pictures, if you prefer).

Picante supplies the pop.

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Picante produces your pub impeccably, in print and/or online, for the pleasure of your passionate readers (the true power behind any pub).

Magazine readers

Much like a plethora of Picante patrons, you just might proclaim your praise for a project performed to perfection:

Picante Creative reviews

“Picante has been very dedicated to our projects and never misses a deadline. We could not be happier with the seamless service they provide.”

— Matt Mulder, Publisher, Highsmith Inc.

Picante Creative reviews

“Picante’s creativity and innovative designs are simply dynamite! And they’re fast, reliable, wonderful people to work with.”

— Michelle Adelman, Sales Manager, Marriott Golf International

Picante Creative reviews

“Definitively fresh designs. Unremitting attention to detail. Intuitive customer service. Picante raises the bar on the level of service design firms provide for their clients.”

— Troy Hawks, Managing Editor, NSAA Journal, National Ski Areas Association

Picante Creative reviews

“Picante’s designs absolutely floored us, and their staff has been caring, responsive, accommodating and very friendly.”

— Al Johnson, Vice President, The Color of Sports Magazine

Picante Creative reviews

“We rely on Picante’s design expertise to keep our image fresh and sharp. They are truly a full-service firm, and they really help us compete in our marketplace.”

— Katherine Hall, Siriusware Inc.

Picante Creative reviews

“We have been working with Picante for more than a year now, and I would highly recommend them to any business that needs help with its marketing.”

— Mark Fuller, Vice President, Townsend Retirement Specialists

Perhaps at this point you’d prefer to take a peek at Picante’s portfolio?

Magazine Design

Magazine Design

Whether you’re an established magazine publishing house looking to outsource your creative or a startup magazine publisher in search of design expertise to help you launch your venture, Picante continually delivers gorgeous publication design and flawless magazine layout, issue after issue, that will empower your pub to compete in any market.

View Magazine Design Portfolio
Annual Report Design

Annual Report Design

More than mere facts and figures, your annual report should tell your organization’s story and convey your vision for the future. For nonprofits and for-profits alike, an annual report presents an opportunity to communicate with key constituencies, engaging readers and highlighting relevant messages and data in appealing, easy-to-absorb design layouts.

View Annual Report Design Portfolio
Catalog Design

Catalog Design

Effective catalog design involves establishing a balance between form and function, enabling readers to interact with your products in an engaging yet organized fashion, providing them with an enjoyable, frustration-free shopping experience. Developing a design sensibility that helps readers identify with your brand sets a key foundation for driving sales.

View Catalog Design Portfolio
Media Kit Design

Media Kit Design

A central piece of outbound sales efforts for any advertising-based magazine, your media kit helps you present a polished, professional image to your ad buyers. Capable of delivery in both printed and digital formats, a sophisticated media kit design can help you get in front of decision-makers, ramp up sales efforts and turn prospects into clients.

View Media Kit Design Portfolio

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Interest piqued?

Here are 9 more big reasons why you’ll love working with Picante.

#1 — Slash your overhead and stretch your resources.

With the current economic climate, overhead is a major concern for many organizations, large and small alike. Outsourcing your design needs with Picante helps you avoid the substantial recurring costs of employee salaries and benefits.

#2 — Three words: reliability, reliability, reliability.

At Picante, we thrive on the creative, but we’re also very much driven by the details. Attention to perfection is always paramount in our projects. We don’t cut corners and we don’t skimp on consistently delivering products of the highest quality.

#3 — Maximize quality and keep your project right here at home.

Outsourcing for design and production domestically helps you control costs without sacrificing quality even one little bit. At Picante, our niche is providing our clients with world-class design services at very affordable rates — right here in the USA.

#4 — Capitalize on our solid foundation of design experience.

A full-time graphic designer for more than 25 years, our creative director lives and breathes publication design, and she always keeps a close eye on the latest trends — giving her creations a unique blend of seasoned expertise and fresh energy.

#5 — Enjoy the benefits of fast, efficient service.

In today’s fast-paced world, consistently delivering products on time is a must, and our clients often remark with surprise at how quickly we’re able to get things done. Here at Picante we’re fast, efficient, responsive and flexible — that’s just the way we work.

#6 — Get the personal attention you deserve.

Happy clients are our lifeblood, so we put a great deal of personal dedication into every design we create. Our goal is to maintain the highest level of quality and continually exceed your expectations. We want you to be 100% happy. Period.

#7 — Enjoy a smooth, seamless experience.

As a national design firm, we’ve become very adept at working together with clients all over the USA (and beyond). We go to great lengths to ensure that, no matter where you are, the design and production process is extremely smooth and seamless – just as if we were right down the street.

#8 — Get a handle on your publication printing needs.

In addition to our decades of design expertise, we have loads of experience working with publication printers all over the USA. If you already have a trusted printer, we’ll work closely with them to ensure the highest level of quality. We can also help you request new print bids, if you like.

#9 — Finish your project with a big smile on your face.

At Picante, we’re friendly! We take great pride in our professionalism, and we want you to think back on your project with that nice, warm-fuzzy feeling. We’ll talk with you to develop exactly the look you’re after, we’ll get it done for you, and we’ll make you happy. You will love working with us!

Picante is the publication design firm you’ve been looking for.

Call us today at 1.877.296.3181, and let’s chat about what we can do for your pub.